Please note: Due to the concerns with the COVID-19 virus, our meetings are now taking place via Zoom. If you would like to join us, please contact us here for the login information. We will post updates here and on Facebook as we have them. 

Important Announcement About our August Meeting!

After reviewing … well everything… the board has decided that it would not be realistic or safe to host our annual birthday picnic. Like so many other things, it looks like this annual picnic is another victim of 2020. BUT we will be doing another fun and relaxing Show-N-Tell – so if you missed out on the one in July, here’s another chance! You are welcome to “show off” works in progress, your studio, you favorite toys … um … I mean tools … and fuzzy studio buddies. You can also invite other people in your home to join in on the fun too! We’ll go around round-robin like in August to give everyone a chance to show off their stuff. The last one was a blast and this one should be too!

We will be meeting on August 16th at 7PM.

Contact us here if you would like the login information.

Or Join us on Zoom here:
Meeting ID: 885 5794 3740
Passcode: 291063

Ah … yes… August!

If you had told me in August 2019 where I would be and what I would be working on in August of 2020, I probably would have told you that you were crazy. Welp… I guess the joke’s on me!

That’s not to say that nothing good has come out of 2020. This has been a year that has forced everyone to seriously reflect and rethink how they approach things. It’s forced just about everyone (including me) to really learn how to take advantage of technology and really use the tools at our disposal. We’ve all been forced to take part in difficult and uncomfortable conversations – that had we never had them – no progress could ever be made. (Here’s hoping that we’ll see more action than talk!)

I’d love to say that the best news is that we’ve “done our time” and that we can all just go back to normal now. Except … we don’t know what “normal” will look like. And we don’t know when “normal” will even happen.

But this is not the time to despair. Here’s what we do know:

  1. Even if we can’t always be “live and in-person” there are people we can connect with. Be it Zoom, phone, email, text messages. There are other people on the other side of the screen — and those people still care about and for us.
  2. Times of trouble are also times of creativity and innovation. People (artists and non-artists) are getting super creative in both problem solving and self-expression. Our innate, inventive nature are creating solutions that will benefit us, not just for the challenges we face now – but will continue to move us forward into the future.
  3. We are more than the sum of our worst natures. Yes, there is a lot of bad behavior right now. People are scared, selfish critters sometimes. BUT – there are still plenty of people who are rising up and helping out wherever and however they can. Just like Mr. Roger’s mum said, “Look for the helpers.”

But what does this have to do with us as a guild?

Plenty. We are much, much more than a collection of artists who want to do shows. We are a community. Even in a time where it is virtually impossible to safely host an indoor Art & Fine Craft show, we are still a guild. We’re still meeting. We’re still looking to help artists sell their work and get the word out. And yes, we’re still checking in with each other because we care.

We will continue to be a community even after we can go back to doing shows. But while we are in this pause, the board and I are actively seeking ways that we can strengthen the community we already have. We’re working on creating meaningful online content for our members. The online store is on track for a fall launch. And we will also be looking for ways that we can help out the community during this time.

If you have ideas, or ways that you would like to get involved, let us know! In the meantime, keep an eye on the website and in your inbox as we continue to develop new ways that we can connect!

But I also want to add – Thank you! Thank you for sticking with us through this time. Thank you for tuning in to our Zoom meetings, connecting with us on Facebook and all of your emails. We wouldn’t be a community without you!

Christine Wright,

We have a new Facebook group just for HGC Members!

This is a private group for the Artist Members of the Haverford Guild of Craftsmen to meet and discuss their work, marketing tactics and to give and receive general business and artwork advice. To join us, please go to:

We’re looking for a new Guild Gazette Publisher!

After faithfully helping us out month after month with our Gazette, Phyllis Aaron has decided to take a well-deserved break. We are so grateful for all her help, but this also means that we need a new publisher for our monthly newsletter. This individual would be responsible for collecting the content for the regular issues of the Gazette and putting them in the template. You would work with the president/board each month – and don’t worry! We’ll train you if you are not already familiar with MailChimp.

Thank you everyone for an amazing 2019 Fall Show!

On November 24th, 2019 we had our Holiday Art and Fine Craft Show and it was amazing. Thank you, thank you to everyone who participated, volunteered and shopped!