Greeter Application

  1. Meet with Show Coordinator, Assistant Show Coordinator and other greeters for training session before the show.
  2. Greeters should be present for the entire duration of the show:
    • Saturday: 9:30AM to 5:30PM
    • Sunday: 9:30AM to 6:30PM
  3. Greeters should be aware of:
    1. Admission fees – free, discounted, coupons, etc.
    2. Gathering of data from guests
    3. Input of fees including cash and credit card payments into Square app
  4. Understand Raffle system and ticket sales
  5. Keep track of Raffle sales and timely raffle drawings.
  6. Set up and clean up greeter area.
  7. Count money at prescribed times and turn over to the treasurer.
  8. Make sure they know the importance of a friendly greeting!

Pay: $15/hr