The Haverford Guild of Craftsmen is a non-profit organization committed to encouraging and promoting the practice of fine craft and art in Haverford Township and environs through fellowship and networking at monthly meetings as well as educational and sales opportunities in our community.

Our Art & Fine Craft Shows are our main source of fundraising for our member activities. Volunteers are a valuable and integral part to fulfilling our mission. We will have a link to our Signup Genius form soon.

Because of the number of shows that had to cancel in 2020, and greatly shortened sales season and opportunities in 2021, we have decided to do this show as a way to give artists a way to get their season running again. As a result, we are not going to be fundraising during this show. There will be no entrance fee for guests and no raffle table. As a result, because we need to keep costs down in order to make this show more affordable, we will be need volunteers!


Welcome Tent/Booth Sitters:

We will need at least 3-4 people to greet people at our welcome booth and to be available if an artist needs a break from their booth.

Signage Volunteers:

Signage volunteers will place the signs out before the show begins and takes them back down again after the show. Spouses are welcome to sign up! The show chair will have a map with where the signs should go.


The morning of the show, the Layout Committee will mark the booth spaces on the ground so that artists know where to go to set up their booth.


Help get the word out! We need advertising to help make this show a success. There are lots of ways to help out.

Storage Unit:

We will need help (preferably from someone with a larger vehicle) getting our show supplies from and to our storage unit. The ideal person for this would be someone who is not a participating artist (and doesn’t already have a packed vehicle). Multiple trips are perfectly fine.

The Storage Unit is located at Public Storage in Haverford.