The 2024 Fall MA/Peer Review Session is scheduled for September 15, 2024

Become a Haverford Guild of Craftsmen Master Artisan

Honor. Recognition. Excellence. Craft-makers who pursue master status do so for the prestige and acknowledgement that comes with having their work achieve the mark of excellence that distinguishes them from the mainstream. Master Status members also receive extra benefits. Apply for the recognition your work deserves.


HGC Peer Review

Have you been looking for constructive criticism of your artwork or are you looking to take your art to the next level?

Haverford Guild of Craftsmen members have the opportunity to have our master artisans view their work and talk with them about how to improve their art.

Open only to current Haverford Guild of Craftsmen members.

Submit via this site, 4-6 photos of your work for pre-jurying.

I understand I am to bring the following with me to the jury session:
– 4-6 pieces that best represent my work. We encourage you to bring the same pieces to your jury session. If not, they must be recognizably similar. Exceptions will be made for furniture, quilts, and other exceptionally large or complex items.
– A brief typed description of the process used in my craft, including materials procurement, idea generation and the physical process itself.

To be eligible for jurying by the HGC Standards Committee:
– You must be a member of this chapter for a period of 3 months.
– You must have made all work submitted.
– You must submit 4-6 pieces of your craft.
– You may not use kits. The purchased portion of the items must not be the dominant feature.
– No work done under the direct supervision of an instructor.

For more information on our Jurying process, click here. (Note, you must be logged in to view this page.)